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Trusted by over 1 million home & business owners every year, we thrive to connect you quickly with your local, trusted and certified solar panel installers. Find out if you qualify for free solar panels that will help you save on your utility bills and potentially generate an important income. Go solar today!

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Getting free solar panels on your roof is actually pretty easy! Your top local solar installers will verify if you qualify to get a free solar installation and they will make you save money every month on your utility bill by installing solar panels on your roof. Zero down options are also available so that you may start benefiting from solar right away. No obligation, no hassle, no problem. If you have a roof, they will check it out!

Solar is The Cleanest Option

The average residential solar system will help reduce your carbon footprint: its yearly production (in kilowatt) is the equivalent of hundreds of tree seedling growing for 10 years and over 10 barrels of crude oil not consumed! The fact is: the sun is our number 1 source of energy, without it, the Earth temperature would be close to 0 Kelvin or minus 273.15 degrees Celsius. Why not harness the one thing that makes everything possible?

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